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Oven Cleaning Streatham

oven_cleaning Every oven needs to be cleaned regularly to work well and last many years. After being filled with grease, carbon deposits and food particles, it not only spoils the taste of the prepared meals but works slower. Our company provides professional oven cleaning which is done by certified and experienced cleaners. They can sanitize all oven brands and models using efficient and harmless for the health detergents and cleaning solutions. Use our excellent oven cleaning, available in Streatham one off or regularly to maintain your electric appliance in a functional and presentable condition.

Kitchen Cleaning Prices
Single Oven Cleaning £50 £45
Double Oven Cleaning £65 £60

Top-notch Oven Cleaning in Streatham

Our oven cleaning includes:

  • Moving some of the oven components and cleaning them separately in cleaning solution
  • Using mild detergent for the inside surfaces of the oven
  • Thorough cleaning of these oven components: racks, hobs, grills, extractors, filters
  • Soaking the removable oven parts in heated solution in our dip tanks
  • Excellent polishing of the oven external surfaces

Affordable and Qualitative Oven Cleaning in Streatham

oven_cleaning2 Your oven will work much better and faster after our cleaners sanitize it. First they will take out the removable components like racks and pizza stones to clean them. Then, the cleaners will spread the necessary cleaning solution on the internal surface of the oven and let it work for some time. In the meantime, they will soak the removable parts in heated cleaning solution of detergent and water to dissolve the grease, food and carbon deposits. After all items are polished and sanitized well, the cleaners will remove as much dirt from the inside of the oven as possible.

They will wipe it well and return the removable components back on their places. The cleaners will scrub and wipe the external area of the oven as well.

oven_cleaning3 The oven cleaning which we provide to the residents of Streatham is suitable for domestic and commercial purposes. You can be sure that your oven will be in a flawless condition if you use our services. Our cleaners will sanitize the oven from top to bottom using effective, biodegradable detergents and specialized tools. We provide affordable and qualitative oven cleaning in and near Streatham every day of the week.